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Hello there! *waves* I think this is the most often that I've ever really updated my LJ, *smiles*.

Now, firstly - you should read oxymoronic's and lastling's Bat!Sex fics before you read my entry because it just won't make that much sense unless you do *nods*


Ahem, okay, so I think I may have a slight obsession with the bat!sex fics now... but I don't think that's a bad thing *laughs* I've only re-read them each like 10 5 times lol. But I can't help it - they're just too damn WOW.

Onto the story of Saturday now:

I saw a bat (it looked just like the one in the movie) in this store I went into Saturday and almost went into an epileptic shock, my mother was so concerned (we had went there to buy something for my step-father), and the lady behind the counter looked ready to call the Psych Ward. And all I could do was laugh once I have regained my composure.

Needless to say my mother questioned me and all I could get out between bouts of laughter was Jaspard. She (my mother) who knows nothing about fan-fic, Slash or this lovely world we call LJ was absolutely clueless, which made me laugh further.

People were staring, and yet I couldn't help but walk over to the bat and touch it. I'm sure I made a sound that would put a squealing mouse to shame and my mother rushed over (as fast as she can rush anyways) and was like "Do you want the bat?? Is that what's wrong??" I looked at her blankly and said "Bat?", around this time I could tell she was really getting worried and then I started to laugh again and the lady behind the counter picked up the phone and preceded to ask my mother if there was someone she could call for help. I seriously needed to compose myself but it was hard ... to say the least.

My mother asked again "Do you want the bat?" and I said "No... but if you could find me the Jasper that goes along with this bat I'd be in debt to you forever, PLEASE", so my mother looked at the lady behind the counter and she shrugged, and my mum looked back at me and told me she had no idea what I was talking about and asked if there was somewhere else we could buy "this Jasper thing" or if there was a "substitute" we could buy somewhere. *glomps*

I just looked at her strangely and just walked out of the store. I could not BELIEVE she did not know who Jasper was after I had spent the last month talking about him. *sighs*

At least I got a really good laugh out of all of it, and to touch the bat. *squees* *giggles*