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A rare happening: A fic search lol

Hello fellow LJers :)

Okay, so normally I can find all of my fics, because I have them bookmarked according to site (I think I'm going to start doing subfolders for authors and ratings too)... but that's besides the point lol... this one I can't find:

Someone did a fic search in a Yahoo group that I belong to and it looks like no one answered them... However, I recalled reading the fic before, but for the life of me can't remember the name or when I read it.

The time I read it matters because about 4 years ago my computer crashed and I lost about a thousand HP Slash bookmarks.... I've acquired almost the same amount now, but I'm sure they're not all the same :)... so if I read it back then, it's a good chance that I don't have the bookmark anymore.

Anywhoos: the fic search calls for the Gryffindors turning on Harry, and him turning to the Slytherins. And Harry and Draco "fall inlove" and at some point in time (towards the end maybe?) Harry and Draco are walking through Hogsmeade and Ron pushes Harry into a window and the glass cuts him all over...

Does anyone recognize this fic? I know I do, I just can't remember the name *sighs*

Let me know if you do!

Happy cyber reading =)

Meme =]

Got this from: mossy_jade  who got it from: abusing_sarcasm 

Make a list of twelve of your favorite HP characters in no particular order. Once you've made your list, click the cut to see the questions. But make your list first, or you might be tempted to cheat! :D

1. Draco Malfoy
2. Lucius Malfoy
3. Severus Snape
4. Narcissa Malfoy
5. Sirius Black
6. Cedric Diggory
7. Harry Potter
8. Scorpius Malfoy
9. Tom Riddle
10. Andromeda Tonks
11. Hermione Granger
12. Neville Longbottom

Wow... those questions...Collapse )

Quite the interesting meme.... lol


Ello everyone!!

I hope everyone has been doing well!! =D

I swiped this from olimakiella who swiped it from enchanted_jae *grins*

"The Quick & The Hard"
~ An Adult Feature Starring Harry Potter And Draco Malfoy~

~with a cameo by Allison~

'What Porn will you Star in?'

at QuizUniverse.com

AND OMG; If you've never read it before GO AND READ IT NOW!!!!

One Month Stand by olimakiella

It's bottom!Draco and absolutely AMAZING!
Summary: Harry Potter has been searching for Draco Malfoy since he left school. Now 24 and a fully trained healer, he's found him again. Can he convince him to stay?

Just updates =]

I'm back to college today. I was actually really excited about today - even though my two classes were from 6-9pm. However, I left feeling a bit unfulfilled from one of them - they didn't teach anything new today. But another one - Internet Web Publishing - was really good, I actually learned a couple of things and terms that I didn't know before. Which, of course, was the reason for taking said class. I'm so anxious to start learning that I plan on reading most of chapter one tonight even though I should really be going to sleep - bleh.

I asked an uncle today if he thought I was weird for being so psyched about going back to college today, and he said no, it just meant that I was intelligent. Heh, I like that option more than weird =P.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow as well because I'll have a Computer Programming class as well - I did a bit of that back in High School, but that's ancient history - a.k.a I've forgotten everything lol.

Anywhooos - today's random inspirational quote comes from Adam Sandler: "A cantaloupe is bigger than a lampshade but you cannot use a doorknob as a toaster."

True ain't it? ;]


I hope everyone enjoys their week!

Writer's Block: Becoming a TV Character

If you could be any character from any TV show, who would you be and why?

Hmmm.. that's actually hard. I thought it would be easy, but I have so many favorite actors and actresses. I think I would be Tatianna Ali (Ashley from Fresh Prince of Bel Air). Why? Because even though she wasn't the main character of the series I saw her grow from a little girl into a strong young woman. She went through alot of situations and in the end came out with a lesson learned and her head on her shoulders. Plus she was cool :].


Hello fellow LJers.

RL has been a bitch lately. I've been extremely tired (just finished summer semester's finals), I've been questioning if I'm pursuing the right course in college and have been wishing to have a current boy toy - preferably more "man" than "boy". Also, what with getting a ridiculous cold after doing the most idiotic thing - going outside at 11pm to wash out my hamster cages with a hose. Now, the reason for using the hose is because the cages are big (bigger than a sink) and the hamsters were all down in the bath anyways, so I couldn't use that. I have somewhere around 21 hamsters (currently there are 15 "young" ones). They're all incest babies anyways because one of the daughters from the original batch got pregnant either by one of her brothers or her father... so yeah; incest babies. So now I have the Grandmother - who's the original mother in a cage with her 9 new kids, and her daughter is in a separate cage with her 6 new kids. They're not really "new" they've been born for about 2 months or so now. They're really cute too. And all the males are in one cage. There's 4 males btw.

Anywhooos. I'm still in college. Pursuing Computer Science as my major. Still reading H/D fanfic and B/J fanfic. Still being a bum. Still don't have a job. But ahh, what the fuck. I don't really care. I know I'm eventually gonna have a job, so there's no rush right now. Just enjoying life as it comes and working towards that dream home that I've always wanted :]

Yeah. So, anyone got any good Brian/Justin fics they can recommend? Or any good H/D fics to recommend? Preferably bottom!Draco.

Thanks a bunch cyber amigos.


I haven't posted anything on LJ in forever.
I come on to read stuff, but I hardly ever visit my page anymore.

Oh well, hehe.
Just letting everyone know that I'm still around ^_^

..shameless pimping: Check this out :]

haha.. interesting plot bunny

Okay, well we've all seen the Tag Body Spray commercials right? Where the guy sprays it and he gets "attacked" by the girls... okay, yea? So you remember. Good.

Well, I was thinking.. what would it be Hogwarts style??

If someone wants to adopt my little plot bunny feel free. However it must be Harry/Draco as I read nothing else:]

Who wears it? Can be Harry or Draco

Other couples? Sure go ahead if you feel like it

Length? Any length. If it's a one-shot, preferrably a long one-shot. Can be novel length - I don't mind ^_^

Rating: Preferably anything R & above. I love smut as well, so feel free to include some *yummy*.

Who goes after who? Anyone & everyone can go after who ever wears it - humor is VERY MUCH welcomed. ^_^

Any takers?

The fic has been written by the LOVELY anya_elizabeth
Go and read it!!!! =D
Here: Tag!
Here is where she got my plot bunny from: Bunny!
Thank you SOOOO much for writing it!! *grins like a mad loon*
Okay, so I've been absent from LJ for MONTHS now, but when I come back it's only to find out that HP & the DH has been fricking LEAKED?!?! What the hell is up with that?! I'm so disappointed. I've only seen certain pics. But people are saying they've read like the first 495 or something - can someone point me to this?! And some are saying the epilogue is fake, but the rest is real.. I read part of the epilogue - and F**K! THAT THING BETTER NOT BE REAL!! GRRRRRRR!!

I found this on a website I was searching - and I feel DAMN sorry for the person who leaked the book!! WHOEVER LEAKED THE BOOK - YOU'RE AN ASS!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT!?!?!? WE WANTED TO KNOW - BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS.. And I'm wondering if it's all true.. read below to find out why I think most of it isn't...

Cassandra Claire Fic Search

Hey guys,

I'm looking for some Cassandra Claire work.

All the links I have for her say that her work has been taken down. And I've visited fanhistory.com and they've reported that her account was taken down off of FFNet because of plaguarism.

HOWEVER, I was hoping, that maybe, just maybe, someone might have a copy of the Draco Trilogy {Draco Dormiens, Draco Sinister & Draco Veritas} stored on their computer? Is the trilogy even complete?

Please, you don't even have to respond here, you can email me directly at doubleabattery13@yahoo.com or shady_baby_eminem@yahoo.com. My friend is in desparate need for this fic. She says it is Draco/Hermione & Draco/Ginny. I don't actually know because I have never read the entire thing. I think I started reading it and then stopped when I realised it wasn't Harry/Draco.. I must have because I had the link for it to Fiction Alley..

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! ^___^


EDIT: I have gotten the files to my friend. Thank you to all who helped me and sent in your copies. I appreciated it. And so did my friend.