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The Mind of an Island Girl... Who's Obsessed with Slash

I'm The Slytherin Queen Get Over It

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Statement of legal age: I am over 18 and am of legal age to view adult materials.

April 2015: Yeah, pretty much still in lurker mode lol. RL doesn't leave enough free time to be on LJ unfortunately *cries*.

My favorite fandoms and main character pairings are:

Harry Potter: Harry/Draco <3 #1 forever!
Queer as Folk: Brian/Justin
Twilight: Edward/Jasper <3
Fast & Furious: Dominic/Brian (swoon!)
Suits: Mike/Harvey
The Voice: Blake/Adam
NCIS: LA: Sam/Callen
NCIS: Jethro/Tony
Gossip Girl: Chuck/Nate (Ed/Chace RPS as well)
Grimm: Nick/Sean
Hawaii Five-0: Danny/Steve (Alex/Scott RPS as well)

I have an obsession with Bottom!Draco & Top!Harry; and I'm very proud of it =D

Any recs anyone from any of the above listed fandoms involving my pairings? =D

This is a great site to visit if you're a fellow Bottom!Draco/Top!Harry lover like I am: yummmmmy recs :] click here

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